Monday to Thursday 9:00 am till 8:00 pm. Call first, I could be out. Business customers will be helped outside these hours for emergencies.  

 Is your computer slow? Won't boot up? Acting oddly? Takes forever to download? Keeps shutting down?

Then the tune-up is for you. Med IT will do the following:

  • First we backup your computer. We know that your data is valuable to you. We don’t want you to lose it.

  • Hardware test. Next we test your hard drive and RAM. If it passes this test then it is most likely a “software” issue i.e. it’s probably a virus. 80% of the repairs we do are virus removal. We also check that all of the cooling fans are running.
  • Virus Scan. We then run 8 or more Malware scans.
    No one malware program does the job but we want to try to get all of the malware
  • Updates. We install all of the Windows updates and some other updates.

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Need a new wireless router?

We will come to your house or business and setup a wireless router, connect to your internet service provider and setup 3 computers on the wireless network. All materials are extra.    $125.00

Looking for more reliability?

Med IT can set up a plan to maintain your computer so that you can have a more reliable computing experience with fewer surprises.
By carrying out routine items, keeping your anti virus up to date, running alternate scans, checking your backup, cleaning your printer etc.

Need a little help with something?

Med IT can connect remotely and help you.
We just charge for the time spent, without the minimum service fee.    $85.00/hr

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Can't find your data? Data Recovery Services

We can help you with that. We will evaluate your drive and give you a price in advance.
You don't pay unless we can retrieve data. Prices start as low at $85.00 but can go up to $2000 or more.
The best way to do data recovery is to not have to by having a good backup plan in place.


Have you backed up today?

What will you do without your data? Imagine if you lost your pictures, documents, your book keeping or your client database.
Med IT can setup a backup solution that works for your situation whether its a backup to a USB key or fireproof backup drive.


Brenda Feenstra Interior Decorator & Consultant
-0001-11-29, 19:00

Ken and his Med it services have been my tech support for all my computer service needs.? On time, and efficient, I have never been without my computer for more than 24-48 hours, either dropping it off or using his on-site service. Brenda Feenstra,

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