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Med IT Support

Welcome to Med IT's support page. There are 3 options here:

1) Install from this  link if you wish to Med IT to be able to do support simply by you enabling the support button or if you have a contract with Med IT to provide maintenance. The software,    Teamviewhost.exe will download. You will then need to open it then click on "run" then "allow" then enter a password then "allow access to this computer" then give the password to Tech Support. You can enable and disable the software from the Teamviewer icon in the system tray.

2) Install from link  if you just want temporary support. The software, TeamviewQS.exe will download. You will then need to open it then click on "run" then "allow". Once a TeamViewer box appears let Tech Support know then another box will pop up asking for you to allow Med IT to access your computer. An icon will be left on your desktop that you can use in the future to allow Med IT to connect to your computer.

 3) Install from this link if you want to join a presentation.

Exporting Google Maps to use in Garmin Base Camp

This is a tutorial on how to export maps from Google to use on your Garmin device. I created this tutorial as I found the Open Source Maps weren't complete or address searches didn't work etc. In general you create your route in Google, export it, import into Garmin Base Camp then upload to your Garmin device.

Here are the steps;

-          You will need to create a Google account or sign into it in Google Chrome.

-          Go to this link  (the /d/ is important or else you won’t get the black menu bar and "Create a new map")

-          Then “create a new map’

create map

-Select “add directions”

add directions

Save and name the map by clicking on “Untitled Map”. The map will be saved in “drive”


Click on the menu to export


Export to kmz

export to kmz

In the export box click on “download”

In Base Camp click on ‘file” then “import to my collection”

Ken Davison

Zero out drive

Unplug your backup drive and USB keys

1) Insert the Hirens CD/DVD and reboot the computer. You should end up at this screen:

select Linux based rescue

2) Select "Linux based rescue environment" and press "enter: You should now be at this screen:

2 Select live with default settings

3) Select "live with default settings" then press "enter" which will bring you to this screen:

3 - Start options

4) Press "enter" which will bring you to this screen after a couple of minutes loading:

4 - parted magic

5) Select "disk eraser" which will bring you to this screen:

5 Slect partition

6) Select "external (dd Part)..." then click "continue. This will bring you to this screen:

6 selecte largest parititon

7) Select the largest partition then click "ok". You will get a warning message that the drive will be erased. Select "continue". Then you will come to this screen:

 7 wait here

 This may take hours as suggested by the time at the bottom right of the black box


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