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Your Data is important to us

At Med IT we always try to avoid wiping your hard drive but sometimes it is necessary.
Before we do this we back it up twice using 2 different techniques onto 2 different backup drives.
Does your tech do this? Your data is important to us.

Static discharge from a vacuum cleaner

This mornings infomercial was about not using a vacuum inside of your computer since static discharge can destroy it.
I then went on to talk about how I use a vacuum cleaner to clean computers.
WHAT? I have a special vacuum that looks like a toolbox which has conductive hoses and is grounded so that I don't get static buildup.

When shopping online make sure you are comparing the identical items (2)

I had a person on facebook mention that they were looking for a specific Intel Solid State Drive so I commented that they could get one at my store.
They came back and said that the same model was $30 more from my store than another one, so I looked into it and the one they were looking at was OEM. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacture,r whereas mine is the “retail” version.
If you go to the Intel website you will see that the “Retail one has a 5 year warranty, and the OEM has whatever the seller wants to put on it which could be nothing. Watch what you are shopping for and make sure that you are comparing identical items.

What did Med IT do this week?

What did Med IT do this week? Replaced the screen on an Ipod 4, fixed  the power button on an Iphone 4, fixed up some email issues with a windows phone and, pickup a dead 2 year Dell machine, priced out a backup solution for a print shop, moved Outllook data to a new computer and looked at some odd file behaviour.
Remember that if it is a computer, installs on a computer, if it plugs into a computer or plugs into the thing that plugs into the computer Med IT can supply it, install it and maintain it. And if you want to buy it yourself then you can also shop online at the Med IT store.


Today is a pop quiz day for my sales staff. What? Thought you could just listen to my infomercials.

What 2 things has Med IT launched in the last 3 weeks. (Website and store)

Where can you endorse Med IT? – (on the new website) and Linkedin

Where can you find the new online store – (store link on the new website)

Where can you get extended life batteries with twice the regular capacity and a 3 year warranty? (Med IT)

Which company has stopped making personal printers? (Lexmark so don’t buy one)

And the bonus question. How old was the dead HP laptop drive? (5 months – so make sure you back up even if the drive is new)

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Today I have with me a Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT which starts at $519.00 Cdn for the tablet only.
The keyboard is an extra $100. It uses a magnetically attached power supply and keyboard, has 32GB of storage, USB 2, HD video and an ARM based processor. There are 2 versions of this tablet. This one has an ARM processor and will only run Windows RT which ONLY runs apps that are at the app store. The other version that comes with windows 8 pro has an i5 processor and will run ANY windows program.
It is a full computer so you would call it a tablet pc as opposed to a tablet.
Considering the price you may want to go to the Med IT store and look at a Toshiba or ASUS tablet for less.

Microsoft is my shepherd

Microsoft is my Shepherd, I shall not stray.

It maketh me plunk down green dollars;
it leadeth me to Where I Want To Go Today.

It restoreth my backup.
It leadeth me in right data paths for its workgroup name's sake.

Yea, though I hit the Blue Screen of Death,
I will fear no evil;
for thou art with me; thy Service Packs --
they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table of mission-critical data in the presence of mine enemies: thou annointest my server with traffic; my buffers runneth over.

Surely COMMAND.COM and BASIC shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of Microsoft for ever.

(c) copyright 1999 by R.L.

Talk like a pirate day

This is an infomercial that was done for "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on Sept 19th 2012:

Ahoy! Matey’s Ken Davison Med IT

This be a picture o’ t’ screen on a $500 5 moon old bilge rat from HP wi’ a disk that heaved to. In order t’ get this repaired under warranty ye’ll want to start wit’ some grog then ye will be havin t’ contact HP via online chat, figure ou’ how t’ run this diagnostic test, give them t’ 24 digit failure ID, wait up t’ 48 hrs fer them t’ call ye t’ get yer credit card as collateral, receive t’ new drive, remove t’ old one, install t’ new one, reinstall windows (ye’ll need yer windows disk) move yer data back (if ye be havin aftup) then send t’ old drive back. This will take about 2 hours or more an’ yo ll be loaded to the gunalls by then. Be t’ cheap computer worth it? Med IT recommends this beauty instead, a Toshiba Tecra which comes wi’ a 3 voyage warranty on accoun’ o’ in t’ electronics field warranty is aprx = t’ life expectancy. 2 other lesson t’ learns here be that a new computer don’ mean it won’t fail and make sure ye have aftup.WP 000393

English Version:

This is a picture of a failed hard drive test on a 5 month old HP 2000 laptop. The laptop sells for $499 at Best Buy. Yes the drive is covered under warranty but first you have to run this diagnostic test and get the error code, then contact HP via online chat, next they will call you in 24 to 48 hrs to take your credit card number as collateral. Then they send you the hard drive with instructions on how to replace it. Once that is done you have to take the old one to the courier and send it back. So was the price of the computer worth it? You’ve taken up at least 1.5 hours of your time and your computer is down for a week.
Buy a computer with a 3 year warranty, like this Toshiba Tecra, so that you get better quality and save the aggravation.
Another lesson here is that a new computer doesn’t mean you can stop doing backups.