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Below is a listing of free items that we have found useful:

SyncToy is used to syncronize your files to create a duplicate folder on your backup drive or flash drive.

Open Office is an office suite which does most of what Office 2003 would do.

 Tele Kast. Need to do a presentation?. Put this software on your laptop and you have a teleprompter. Need to do some graphics work? Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software.

. Want to create PDFs? Create your article however you normally would then print it to this virtual printer to get a PDF.
We use this to save PDF receipts from online purchases or to send invoices.

Search My Files. How many copies of your pictures do you have? I found that different people in the family were saving pictures from the camera leading to triplicates. This utility finds duplicate files across drives or in the same folder so that you can save disk space

Space Sniffer will help you find all of those files that are taking up space on your hard drive

Return your dead APC battery for free

Return your empty Xerox cartridge for free





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Ken is very knowledgeable pertaining to computer use and everything from repairing to building new systems according to your needs.? We have used his services in business as well as personal use.? He is trustworthy and reliable and performs great

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