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So, quite a shocker in the news a few days ago, turns out Lenovo was installing spyware on their computers so that they could force their ads onto you while you were browsing, if that was bad enough it turns out the software could even by pass secure web browsing such as you would use while banking. Fortunately it doesn’t appear that anyone used the vulnerability to hack anything or so it seems…. at this point in time. Lenovo put this software on 43 models of laptops that were shipped world wide from Oct 2014 to Dec 2014. There is a tool at the Lenovo website to remove the software.

  In good news the FCC has put a stop to slow laning by the big ISP (who also provide cable and satellite services)  therefore preventing them from slowing down internet traffic from sites in the U.S that offer movies and therefore allowing continued competition against their cable and satellite services.

Do you have a Windows 8 computer?
Here are a couple of tips;
You should upgrade to 8.1. 8.1 does not come in an update so you must go to the Microsoft App store, search for it and install it.
The other thing you should do is create a Windows Recovery Drive. To do this you move your mouse to the right side to bring up the task bar then click on the “search” icon. Next you type in “recovery drive” then click on “create recovery drive”. Make sure you select the “copy recovery partition” option then insert a 5 Gig usb key, then click next. This will create a bootable key with the ability to reinstall windows and to start in safe mode.

June 2009 - Looking for quality computers? Med IT offers the Toshiba Tecra and Portege line of laptops

Jan 2011 Med IT now offers io safe drives. Fireproof, waterproof data protection

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Jeff Goud
2018-04-16, 19:08
Ken has been great to work with. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely concerned about our IT requirements and providing cost effective solutions.