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Microsoft Surface Tablet

Today I have with me a Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT which starts at $519.00 Cdn for the tablet only.
The keyboard is an extra $100. It uses a magnetically attached power supply and keyboard, has 32GB of storage, USB 2, HD video and an ARM based processor. There are 2 versions of this tablet. This one has an ARM processor and will only run Windows RT which ONLY runs apps that are at the app store. The other version that comes with windows 8 pro has an i5 processor and will run ANY windows program.
It is a full computer so you would call it a tablet pc as opposed to a tablet.
Considering the price you may want to go to the Med IT store and look at a Toshiba or ASUS tablet for less.


Dan Taylor Owner / Graphic Designer at G5 Design, ?Graphic Designer at Teen Challenge Canada
-0001-11-29, 19:00

I wish linked in would let me choose more than 3 attributes! I would have also chose: Great results, personable and good (great) value! I am sure Ken is very creative, however all he was doing was reformatting my PC, which doesn't take too much

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