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Zero out drive

Unplug your backup drive and USB keys

1) Insert the Hirens CD/DVD and reboot the computer. You should end up at this screen:

select Linux based rescue

2) Select "Linux based rescue environment" and press "enter: You should now be at this screen:

2 Select live with default settings

3) Select "live with default settings" then press "enter" which will bring you to this screen:

3 - Start options

4) Press "enter" which will bring you to this screen after a couple of minutes loading:

4 - parted magic

5) Select "disk eraser" which will bring you to this screen:

5 Slect partition

6) Select "external (dd Part)..." then click "continue. This will bring you to this screen:

6 selecte largest parititon

7) Select the largest partition then click "ok". You will get a warning message that the drive will be erased. Select "continue". Then you will come to this screen:

 7 wait here

 This may take hours as suggested by the time at the bottom right of the black box