Monday to Thursday 9:00 am till 8:00 pm. Call first, I could be out. Business customers will be helped outside these hours for emergencies.  

Mac Repairs

Med IT can fix your Mac too. Water spills, broken screen, keyboards, new battery, software issues and power supplies.

Liquid Damage Repair $ 250 - $350 depending on  model

MacBook LCD replacement $235 - $575 depending on modelMacBook Air

MacBook, MacBook Air and Retina display assembly $425 - $650

MacBook Pro Glass $160

MacBook Pro LCD $225 to $275

iMac LCD $395 to $ 695

iMac Glass $195

MacBook Keyboard $175 to $275

Logic board repair $275 to $350





David Sanders Lawyer
-0001-11-29, 19:00

Ken has provided excellent and rapid work regarding both repairs and general computer work.? Example: his networking my netbook into my home wi-fi so that I can synch the data and use the CD on my laptop to install software into my (CD-driveless!)

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