24 | 03 | 2018

 Is your computer slow? Won't boot up? Acting oddly? Takes forever to download? Keeps shutting down?

Then the tune-up is for you. Med IT will do the following:

  • First we backup your computer. We know that your data is valuable to you. We don’t want you to lose it.

  • Hardware test. Next we test your hard drive and RAM. If it passes this test then it is most likely a “software” issue i.e. it’s probably a virus. 80% of the repairs we do are virus removal. We also check that all of the cooling fans are running.
  • Virus Scan. We then run 8 or more Malware scans.
    No one malware program does the job but we want to try to get all of the malware
  • Updates. We install all of the Windows updates and some other updates.
  • Registry clean. The registry is like a tree that your computer uses to decide what to do when you do anything on your computer.
    Over time, as programs are changed, you are left with dead branches but Windows will still check these branches.
    Registry cleaning removes these dead branches to increase speed and reliability. It may also remove branches left over from malware
  • Defrag. As your computer is used your files may become spread out over the disk.
    This slows it down since the computer has to find where that file continues. Defragmenting puts the files back together.
  • Clean. We clean the dirt and dust out of the inside of your computer to make sure it is cooling properly.
  • Support. If you get your computer home and find something isn’t quite right we will give you remote support to get it running right.


$145.00 Off-site (you bring the computer to us)

Ken has been great to work with. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely concerned about our IT requirements and providing cost effective solutions.

Jeff  Goud
Treasure New St James Presbyterian Church