24 | 03 | 2018

Oct 2005 - Med IT now sells Dell

Jan 5th 2004 - Story in The London Free Press in Business Monday Section

November 21st 2004 - Now an Authorized Xerox Reseller

- more medical links added

November 14th - Med IT becomes a reseller of Ad-Aware plus and Ad-Aware Pro

- Purchase your books from Barnes and Noble

October 21st 2003 - Med IT adds 1-800 contacts and AllHeart medical supplies

October 15th 2003 - Med IT adds Chapters and Family Practice Notebook

October 3rd 2003 - Computers, keyboard, mice and monitors added

September 29th 2003 - Med-IT becomes an authorized reseller of Solo Antivirus. Visit our "Software" page.

September 20th 2003 - Med-IT adds "London Links" so that you can find other London Suppliers for your business

Aug 20 2003 - Med IT is pleased to announce their new web site