24 | 03 | 2018

How to mess up your computer

So, you are driving along in your nice new red car from Kevin. You stop at the light and notice a hub cab laying there so you pick it up, rip off one of yours and throw it on. Well, it doesn’t match the rest, but you think you’ll try it out for a while. As you are driving along you notice an engine on the side of the road so you pick It up… cool it’s a 3.8 L Ford engine. Next you see a nice mag rim so you grab that too. Then at the next light there is an airfoil, well its green and too wide for your car but you pick it up too. You get back home, and you and your buddy throw these parts on and off you go. Well now that airfoil whistles, the mag rim was a 15” and your originals were 13”. Well you won’t do this with your car, and you probably aren’t surprised at the results. So why are you surprised when your computer becomes cranky when you add things to it.
And why are you annoyed that they won’t cover it under warranty.