24 | 02 | 2018


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Universal USB dock

Don't have enough desktop space? Always seem to be opening and closing windows? Here is the solution:http://www.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/Laptop-docking-stations/Universal-Laptop-USB-Docking-Station-with-VGA-Audio-Ethernet~USBVGADOCK2. I have one in stock which I would call "open box". I opened the box, tried it out for a few minutes and found it wasn't going to do what I wanted. You will need to add another monitor too. $80.00

Time to clean up your files?

Time to clean up the files on your computer? Here are 2 useful and free tools I use. Space Sniffer will show you what is taking up all that space and Search My Files can find duplicates for you.

A picture is worth a thousand views

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well a picture on Facebook is worth a thousand views. Scroll down to the bottom left of the picture I posted on The Networkers (London, Ontario) and you can see the views. Normally we get about 30 views on our posts.


Cooling Fan Replacement



Is your fan loud..... or silent on your laptop? Med IT can fix it for you. Here's an HP ready for a new fan.
Cooling fan replacement


Med IT works on weekends too

Yawn... still working. Today I picked up Windows XP computers from an office and am updating them to Windows 7. Looks like everything is running now so that I can install them onsite tomorrow. Though Med IT isn't open on weekends I will work over a weekend to keep a business running

Data recovery

Very cool job today. I have a customer's hard drive that was not being recognized by the BIOS of the computer. I hooked it up to a piece of special hardware and fixed the drive. All of the data appears to be there. So if you need some data recovery Med IT can help